Supporting Our Farming Community

We are concerned about the high suicide rates and poor mental health in our farming community:  Farming has the highest suicide rates of any profession, while the North East has the highest numbers in the country.  We want to be part of bringing change and enabling support for our farming community and have committed to supporting in the following ways, making partnerships with other organisations who also want to help positive change happen: 

  • Encourage people in the farming community to talk about their mental health.

  • Enable mental health training for those who live, work or interact with our Farmers, in the hope that by raising awareness and upskilling the network around the farming community, we will create a strong support network for them that will make a real difference and save lives. 
    • Upskill those coming into direct contact with Farmers so they can spot the signs of poor mental health, be able to talk with them in a caring, informed way and if signpost them to support where necessary.   
    • This includes – but isn’t limited to –  Family Members, Young Farmers, Mart Workers, Vets, Agricultural Merchants, Land Agents, National Park Farming Officers, Church Leaders and/or their teams making farm home- visits/taking funerals, Pastoral Groups and their Teams in Rural areas, Teachers and Teaching Support staff in Rural areas.   

  • Enable opportunities for regular health checks and awareness raising to take place at Hexham Mart and Church and Community coffee/lunch venues.  The first of these will be at Hexham Mart’s Show and Sale 29th Feb -1stMarch 2024:
    • enable free Health Checks and information. 
    • give out Helpline cards with telephone numbers for anyone feeling in a low mood or suicidal.
    • tell people about help and support they can access.
    • enable mental health training and awareness raising. 
    • listen to the farming community’s concerns. 
  • Enable Andy’s Man Club – a men-only group specifically targeting those experiencing low   mood/suicidal thoughts – to set up a Monday night group for men in the farming community, at Hexham Mart or a venue suggested by the group. 

If you would like to have a chat about getting involved please do contact